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Nikita Jain is an Independent journalist based in India. She has covered various issues catering towards human rights, gender, crime, health, education and environment among other things. She believes that stories, no matter how difficult, need to come out, if change is needed. Jain has covered issues such as Kashmir conflict, Delhi violence, anti-Citizenship Amendment Act and farmers protests. Her work has been published on national and international platforms.

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Delhi Riots: Family Starves as Son Remains in Jail for More Than a Year

New Delhi: Ever since their son Mohammed Farman, their family’s only earning member, was arrested in March 2020 just after the violence that overtook North-East Delhi, Salma and Mohammed Farid have been supporting their six-member family by begging and rag-picking.

Having lost their home in a fire after the police took 22-year-old Farman away last year, the couple and the rest of Farman’s family now live in a shanty in the middle of a small, barren park alongside old Wazirabad road near North-E

Delhi Riots: 'They Made Me Sign a Blank Sheet of Paper,' Says Muslim Man Jailed for 16 Months

New Delhi: Sitting together with his family in Northeast Delhi’s Khajuri Khas, Mohammed Farman’s mind is firmly set on the present and the future.

The 22-year-old wants to work hard, earn money and take care of himself and his family of six. He does not want to look back at the past, especially the last 16 months. Those months had been traumatic. Because like many young Muslim men after the riots in Northeast Delhi in February-March 2020, Farman had been picked up by the police, charged with vi

Women Activists in India Still Face Detention and Police Intimidation After Anti-CAA Protests - Women’s Media Center

Women Activists in India Still Face Detention and Police Intimidation After Anti-CAA Protests

New Delhi — “I never imagined that my identity as a Muslim would make me fear for my life,” said activist Zainab Siddiqui, 31.

In January 2020, Siddiqui attended a sit-in demonstration at the base of the Ghanta Ghar, a historic clock tower rising above the city of Lucknow, the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). The demonstration was held peacefully by hundreds, led by women, in prote

Living In Conflict: Son Of Kashmiri Political Prisoners Longs To See Parents Out Of Jail

Ahmed Bin Qasim understands that the cause for which his parents have sacrificed their lives is important but at the same time, it makes him question his emotions for longing to see them, which he fears might not happen given the current scenario in Kashmir.

For 21-year-old Ahmed Bin Qasim, the idea of a normal life never existed and the warmth of a family was always a far-fetched dream, as he is the displaced child of political prisoners in Indian Administered Kashmir.

Born in the winter of 1

How Kashmir’s Postcolonial Siege Resonates With The Pathos Of Palestine

Just like Palestinians, the very survival of people in Kashmir is a form of resistance in an attempt to save future generations from bearing the marks of occupation.

“The city from which no news can come

is now so visible in its curfewed night

that the worst is precise.

away to find its body…”

Many say blood flows through Jhelum now. It mirrors the horrors of broken promises, atrocious carnage, rape, assault, mass murders, and tens and thousands of corpses being desecrated and secretly buri

'Get no respect', say Delhi's ASHA workers as pleas for pay hike, protective equipment fall on deaf ears

As per government guidelines, ASHAs are called volunteers. But the amount of work they are expected to perform is more akin to a full-time job

In South Delhi’s Sangam Vihar, 41-year-old Ritu has been deployed to overlook the work at a COVID vaccination centre. But Ritu, who is an ASHA in the area, has not been vaccinated.

“I have lost a lot in life," Ritu said. "While my work was supposed to be a solace, it has become difficult because we are not given any respect or rights. Despite vaccinatin

How to chargesheet a dead man in his own murder case

New Delhi: Money was tight, his third child born a couple of months ago, Babbu Mohammed, 34, left his home in Khajuri Khas' Shree Ram Colony on February 25, last year hoping to have a productive day behind the steering of his autorickshaw. He'd heard about what was happening on the streets but he needed the money. He never came back home.

Babbu was brutally assaulted by a mob of Hindu rioters at Khajuri Chowk the same afternoon and had died from his injuries two days later on February 27 at t